Saturday, May 23, 2009

For days he went around telling all the other babies, "You're Fired!"

A couple days after we had Anthony, the hospital staff came around to do the infamous newborn hospital baby photo. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of these pictures since the poor little babies are still trying to figure out what in the world is going on, like why am I wearing clothes? and what happened to my nice, cozy 24-hour swimming extravaganza? and who are all these goofy people staring at me and making exaggerated facial gestures? So to make them lie still keep their eyes open while they stare at a flashing object seems a little cruel.

Plus, in my experience, the babies change so much in that first week that the pictures don't even look like them (then again, I guess all the more reason to do the photos in the first place...). But, I think these photos will be great to look back on when Anthony is all grown up.

So the hospital photographer came into our room to do the photo. I was having some complications and was being attended to by some fabulous nurses so little A, Zach and my mom had to go into the empty room next store for the photoshoot.

After the photos were taken they wheeled Anthony back to the nursery. When they brought him back to me a little later the nurses with him couldn't stop laughing and neither could Zach.

Instead of being placed in the nursery window looking like this, alongside the other newborn babies...

Visitors to the hospital nursery saw this, lined up amidst the other precious little infants:

The night I went into labor, in our rush to get out the door to head to the hospital, you may recall that we didn't even have clothes ready to take for our poor child because they were packed away in boxes while we finished our bedroom and nursery remodel.

However, Anthony's dad DID grab what he saw as the most important thing--the baby toupee (Anthony is modeling "The Donald" in case you were wondering).

PS: And yes, I grabbed these photos off the hospital Web site. A picture of a toupee-clad baby boy is what visitors to the hospital site see when they click on our child. His father is very proud.