Monday, August 17, 2009

Bridal Shower Tea Invites

So a while back we had a bridal shower for my sister, Malarie. We decided that a tea/luncheon would be a fitting event since that's more of her style than a raucous gathering.

I hunted around for the perfect invites but couldn't find anything that we really liked.

So I made some.

They were super easy. So super easy that anyone can make them, yours truly included.

Since her wedding ring is a 1920s beauty that she had just scored at a great little antique shop, I thought it would be fun to do some invites that had a 1920s/30s vibe. So I rounded up some card stock, printed out the info and cut them into tiny little cards. I then stamped them with my vintage-style stamp set I bought to make homemade Christmas cards years ago (I never made these, just for the record).

Then I stapled each little card to a tea bag, the invite acting as the tea tag.

Since I stamped them in metallic blue/green ink, I put them into little metallic blue envelopes.

They were very fun and easy to make.

And the bridal tea was very fun, too. Despite its lack of raucous-ness.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Great Family Photo Shoot of 2009 (AKA Unless You Are One of Our Grandparents This Features Entirely Too Many Photos of Us)

A few months ago when Little A was a wee little six month old (On Saturday he will be eight months! It's also my dad's birthday...) I asked family photographer extraordinaire Kirstin Roper to do a wee little photo shoot of us at Liberty Park.

[Note: You may recall that Kirstin is the fabulous photographer who took the lovely pictures of my beautiful sis.]

The park is one of our favorite spots, since it is all of about a two-minute walk from our house, and I adore the old-school carnival ride area almost as much as I love its snow cone booth (But not quite. When we're talking about Tiger's Blood there is no comparison. No matter how cute the tiny little airplanes are painted.).

So, I raced home from work, convinced Z to put on a shirt that has real buttons and no pizza stains and then we loaded up the A Train, after combing his flowing locks of hair, of course.

Kirstin went waaaaayyyyyy above and beyond, trekking over hills, through puddles and across grass to get some great shots. Mostly, though, she had to work with my husband and his um, unique sense of humor. I hope she'll remember to charge us double next time for the wrangling fee.

We had a fun time taking pictures and the carnival ride operators at the park were so great about letting us climb all over the rides.

It's strange to see Little A so grown up in these pictures since I still think of him as a tiny newborn baby. But I know that soon we'll look back at these and won't believe he was ever this small. It is right about here that I was wishing I could freeze time...

...Or maybe it was here.

... Or right about here.

But since time-freezing is not an option, I'm glad we have these photos.

Thanks, Kirstin.

(She also took some photos of just Little A and me since Z had to leave early to run to a meeting. I'll post these later since if you're still reading this and haven't fallen off your chair from Family Photo Overload already, you will.)