Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Lovely: Malarie's Bridal Pictures

I know I haven't posted anything here forever. With re-opening the restaurant, working and planning my sister's wedding--not to mention caring for my favorite boy--I haven't had much time to spare.

The wedding was this weekend and it was incredible. I can't wait to share pictures on here of the big day. We had a great time and my sister, Malarie, was one of the world's most beautiful brides. Really, the Guinness Book of World Records called and confirmed it.

I have a feeling they based their decision on these photos taken by the super-talented Kirstin Roper Photography. Malarie's then-fiance (now husband!) is Japanese, so she wanted to include something from his culture in the photos and the parasol was the perfect touch. We picked up the bouquet for $10 from the farmer's market. It was gorgeous and fit her personality perfectly.

You can see more of the bridal photos on Kirstin's blog.


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Maegan Leoni said...

You're right, she IS the most beautiful bride ever! So so beautiful.