Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Lovely: Crazy for Cabin Fever

The A Train and I walked up to Trolley Square last week when we noticed the windows at Cabin Fever. I love black + white images paired with bright colors. And I love Elvis. And butterflies.

The trifecta!

[Editor's note: This window momentarily brought me back to my childhood aspirations to be a store window decorator, a la the hit 1987 movie, Mannequin. I was actually able to live out my dream during a short-lived high school stint as a sales girl at the bustling Fashion Crossroads on Price's Main Street. Elastic waistband pants, anyone? After a few times of alternating between the oversized sunflowers and oversized crayons, I was out of props and my window displaying days kind of ran out of steam...]



Sarah said...

Hey! Anthony is so cute. And while I don't really care for Elvis beyond the years in this display, that's a really cool effect.
I think you can get Katy's arms by taking classical ballet class for about 4 hours a day. Let me know if you fit it in. That chick was NO JOKE.

Maegan Leoni said...

Guess what I get to do at my new job???