Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Carbon County Celebratin'

As I mentioned in a previous post, last weekend was a very big one for us. We went to Price for wedding festivities galore, spent time with much-missed family members and I turned the big 3-0. As I've said to friends, I'm sure somewhere, somehow there was a miscalculation. I don't feel 30 but I guess I'll take it.

Little A loved every minute of being the center of attention while we were hanging with the family. His older cousins (my cousins' kids) are all so sweet with him and since the next-youngest baby in our family is already 4 (?!), he gets passed around constantly by all the aunts and uncles. He loves meeting new people and seeing new things, which works out well since we're almost always on the go. He is a very happy and calm baby (although I realize now that by typing this I am tempting Baby Fate and will likely be witness to a serious in-public meltdown, that may or may not involve a large diaper blowout. I guess I'll take my chances...) and handled all of the changes to his schedule like a champ! He also had his first stint with a non-family member babysitter for a few hours during the end of my sister's wedding reception and handled that like a champ, too (although it was a pretty tough one for his mom).

A few photos from the weekend...

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