Saturday, September 12, 2009

My brain has turned to low-pulp, calcium-fortified mush. Now with Vitamin D!

Yesterday I woke up with little A (and waking up to the sounds of a baby jabbering a very cute, although unrecognizable, story is a very good way to start your day, I tell you what), fed him, played with him and then put him down for his morning nap.

I decided to take advantage of the quiet time to make myself some breakfast. I made my usual meal, poured myself a glass of OJ, scarfed it all down and put everything away quickly so I could get myself ready and little A's things packed up to make it to his 10 a.m. doctor's appointment.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself as we strolled into the doctor ON TIME (yes, I know, I was shocked, too), ran our errands and made it back home for his early afternoon nap.

All of this "being organized" stuff had me feeling quite thirsty so I reached in the cupboard for a glass.

I saw this.

I am telling your this story so you get a visual representation of how my life is going and so you will know why I have been such a terrible blogger lately.

And, food-born illnesses aside, just for the record I think that storing orange juice in the cupboard is an excellent idea. It really cuts down on preparation time when you have your glass and your beverage on the same shelf.