Friday, March 28, 2008

To the Rosenvalls

Thank you, Kate, Marcae and Bryan.

For teaching us how to show unconditional love; To be a fighter; To be a supporter; To be a friend; To be a devoted parent; To be a devoted spouse; To look fabulous--even when in a hospital bed; To appreciate what we have, when we have it; To look on the bright side; and

To be a family.

You three amaze me, and everyone around you.

We will miss you, baby Kate.


Tyler said...

I love that picture of them, they are amazing! Thanks for the post Miranda! Sure love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this post. You are so good at finding the right words to express yourself. I should just follow you around and say "dido"

ali said...

Miranda, I totally just got your email today and now it is Sunday. I was even in Salt Lake on Saturday and am so sick that I could have been there and wasn't. Thank you so much for sending me and email to tell me about it. I am going to call you in a couple of days to get everyone's phone number. I miss you all a ton and want to get back in touch.