Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Overheard: At least the last part is true

Me: Oh those sweaters look so cute on TV.

Him: See son, those are nerds.

Me: Whatever! They are student body officers.

Him: Exactly.

Me: Uh, excuse me. I was a student body officer.

Him: * Laughs *

Me: And don't tell my baby I was a nerd.

Him: OK, son. Those people are nerds, but you still have to be nice to them.
They may be your boss one day.

Me: * Coughs *

Him: Or your wife. Which is the same thing.



The Miller Family said...

That is so hilarious!! Anthony is going to grow and look at his model beautiful mom and not believe in the least that you are or ever were a nerd...until he finds your microscope set.

Jamie said...

Miranda I don't think you are that big of a nerd...I won't tell anybody that you used to clean your bathroom on Saturday nights!
In all honesty you are my hero!

Kathee said...

The nerds from high school are now CEO's of large companies. Luckily, Matt wasn't a nerd, at least not in high school....he's worked hard for the title.

Heather said...

Ouch!!!! That hurts Zach, that really hurts. We all know the truth Miranda. You were not a nerd.

Amanda said...

You weren't a nerd at all. But it's nice to know there are some men who understand who the boss really is.

Tyler said...

What's that supposed to mean Amanda! Oh, and I can't think of a bigger group of nerds than Miranda,Heather,Amanda,and Jill. Grinners!

Heather said...

Oh my heck Tyler you better be careful. You loved us!!!

katie said...

This is my favorite conversation of all time. Love it.

Justin and Jill said...

I haven't heard the word "Grinners" for a long time. And is it weird that I sometimes want to wear my Student Government sweater? I love that thing!
When are you going to introduce Anthony "Hamburger Man?"

emmy and ry said...

How much do I love you guys. This conversation is all time.