Thursday, March 17, 2011

"We all get dressed for Bill."

I'm not the type that watches documentaries very often. I like to think that I am, but I am not. I usually don't have, er, make the time to watch films (because you can't call them movies, right?) that are so often insightful and educational.

Aside from Food Inc. (and I still believe that if you eat food you should watch it), the last documentary I watched was The September Issue, a look into the World of Anna Wintour and Vogue during the finalization of fashion's most important magazine.

And now,  I really can't wait for this one.

Bill Cunningham's New York Times photo essays are always a treat (I mentioned one a few years ago here). He is 82 years old and rides a bicycle around Manhattan -- a fact that probably provides enough content for a documentary by itself -- taking photos of interestingly or fabulously dressed people on the street and on the catwalk, too. I keep hoping that during one of my trips to New York he will ride by (and you know he'll keep riding -- no need to snap a photo of me in my TJ Maxx ensemble, I'm sure.).

He is eccentric and bold and Anna Wintour herself says that if he doesn't take a picture of her it's "death."

Bill says, "I'm not interested in celebrities with their FREE DRESSES. I'm interested in clothes."

Although I wouldn't AT ALL consider myself anything close to a fashionista, I think peoples' fashion choices when they're dressing to impress or express -- especially in big cities where it's easier to be anonymous -- say a lot about them.

Bill has a talent for listening.

View the trailer here.


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Kathee said...

I will have to see that! I watched Food Inc. last week. I am now planning to buy a free range cow and will be bottling/freezing fresh food bought from farmers this fall. Going old school, like my mom taught me. Plus I gag a little bit now when I think of eating store bought meat. I think everyone should watch that movie and if we all stop eating fast food then the food industry will change. That is why I buy Z's pizza....I know where that stuff comes from!