Wednesday, September 5, 2007

(Manual) Labor Day '07

As you probably know, too often I spend my free time at home and doing something that doesn't require too much uh, moving around. I'm not what they call, "coordinated."

This Labor Day weekend, however, Zach and I decided to trek down to my one of my favorite places on earth--Price! to hang out with my family and go for a fun hike in the wilderness.

We got to Price Saturday night (Zach actually had a couple of days off) and then woke up early and headed down to southern Utah Sunday morning to hike Calf Creek Falls, which is down by the adorable towns of Torrey and Escalante.

My dad demonstrating a primitive version of "wack-a-mole"

Art created 1,000 years ago by the Fremont

It was a beautiful day, nice and toasty

If you have had the pleasure of seeing me hike before, I assure you I did not disappoint. My dad and Zach left my mom and me in the dust (literally). My mom, being the good mom that she is, was patient and waited for me as I glided across the sandstone like a graceful gazelle. Or, more like the nerdy, awkward cousin of the graceful gazelle.

We had so much fun and after the 2.5 mile hike in to the canyon we came upon the the waterfall, which was so beautiful and cold! It was heaven after hiking in the 90+ degree heat all the way in. We had some lunch at the waterfall and then turned back for the hike out.

On the drive there, my mom and I had been excited to stop and eat at the famous Hell's Backbone Grill, but we were all too tired and gross after the hike to want to stop anywhere that served gourmet food instead of just greasy fries and milkshakes (which was totally fine with me, since that's my idea of the perfect meal anyway).

Zach and my dad on the trail

I expected Julie Andrews to appear at any moment

It was a fantastic weekend, thanks Mom and Dad for being great tour guides! We'll be back for our next hike as soon as the soreness in my legs goes away. Maybe next Labor Day?


Kate Rosenvall said...

Price RULES!!! It looks like you guys had a great time. Your dad sure does make a great "wack-o-mole." From the pics, it looks so beautiful. I'm glad that Zach gave himself some time off. Did he tell you we went to Z's the other pizza in town!!!
Sure love you guys!

Cichelli said...

Very impressive! Maybe Ben and Zach can go on a hike sometime and you and I can get pedicures. They both involve feet right?

Teri and Mark said...

Next time take video of your hiking skills. I need visual confirmations to compare to my uncoordination (is that a word?).

Maegan said...

Maybe whomever it is that thinks you're not the most agile creature needs to take a closer look at your sweet walking skills and realize that MAYBE everyone else hasn't evolved yet.
Personally, when I see you,like, walking and stuff, it's almost like I can envision you on ice skates with a bunch of roses in your hands wearing a sparklely uniform. You may or may not (depending on if you happen to be at Fred Meyer) be carrying a bag of Doritos or sweedish fish.
I can only imagin that when you are yogging or what they call 'hiking' that your talent seeps from all your bends and cracks or crevises, whatever. It could even mean that the earth could slightly tip, just a little and everyone could all of a sudden forget how to eat or sweep floors, stuff like that and then, you know, uh what am I talking about? Oh yeah, how awesome you are when you walk....
So I had this dream of you gliding, and you had this side ponytail and you were singing 'memories' and everyone was pretending not to notice but I'll admit that I couldn't pull my eyes off of you because you were kind of slurring all the words together and kept throwing you left lag in the air.
I mean, if that's not a vision of an evolved grace and beauty then, I'm an IDIOT!

Tyler said...

Miranda I will never forget the hiking adventure in Cedar, you wore shoes with high heels! Already a recipe for disaster... You didn't know what to do when we got to a fallen tree and had to walk across. Memories, like the corner of my mind, or something like that. You know the words from Meagan's dream right!?