Monday, October 15, 2007

An Apple a Day

This weekend Zach and I had a great time. The last couple months, every once in a while, he has been able to leave the restaurant on Saturdays at around 3 or 4 p.m.-- a HUGE accomplishment for us. Since we started the restaurant THREE YEARS AGO he has never been home for an entire Friday or Saturday night, except for a handful of times to go to a wedding or an event out of town. Saturdays have always been especially hard because he heads to ZP at around 8 or 9 a.m. and doesn't usually get home until midnight or later and I am home alone. All. Day. Long. This makes for some very long days that usually result in me discussing celebrity gossip and politics with our dogs because there's no one else around. Which can be frustrating since Parker still hasn't forgiven Britney since the VMA debacle and Sydney is so over Barack and really, what else is there to talk about?

So, on Saturday, Zach and I went to Canella's for dinner (the second Saturday in a row for us there), rented Blades of Glory (I thought it was funny but I still fell asleep) and made caramel apples. We were serious about this, people. We even made the caramel for the caramel apples.
We had planned to eat them for our dessert but we both ate so much of the caramel, chocolate and white chocolate while preparing each, that by the time they were finally ready we couldn't eat a single bite. It was still fun, though.

The two lovely, decorated apples below are Zach's creation. I'm pretty sure a certain someone has a budding career as a food stylist.

This one below is mine.

The next day, Zach thought they tasted great.


Diania said...

I usually just go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and buy these. Much easier.

Natalie said...

Amen to Diania's comment. Instant gratification - much better.

And, does it really surprise you that you were full on chocolate and caramel before the apples were done? Because it doesn't surprise me.

Sarah said...

I love caramel apples. I was an aid for a teacher Darcy Powell who gave us the BEST homemade caramel covered apples for Christmas. I thought she had an online store but now I can't find it. I thought it was called Forbidden Fruit or something. I'm tellin' ya, it'd be worth the search.

Diania said...

Looks like something Fuzzbucket would eat.

Cichelli said...

I was hoping when you said you were too full to eat them that you would be giving them to me.

Looks like I'm running across the street to Rocky Mountain to buy them.

Kate Rosenvall said... are the best carmel apple maker I know. did aiiight :) I'm glad that Zach finally took a day off. Way to go!