Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Blogging Friend B-Day: Jamie Dawn Palmer Ormsby

This last week was Jamie's birthday.

Since I am a terrible friend, I am late posting this, but I wanted to wish James the very best year yet. I hope this year is better than the day she got the keys to the Turismo. Better than that time she verbally harassed the sign language teacher (he deserved it). And, certainly better than the time that her and Matt's car, containing all of their worldly possessions (I'm talking to you, karaoke machine), was stolen.

Jamie and I met back in 1997 when we were both freshmen at Southern Utah University (go T-Birds!).

The birthday girl cheering on the T-Birds, circa 1997

I was a small town girl away from my lifelong best friends for the first time ever and was relieved to find two new friends, Jamie and Marcae, just next door. I thought Jamie was the coolest big city girl I'd ever met. She was from Riverton. We lived next door to each other in Stonebrook Apartments and bonded over our Early Childhood Development class, late night junk food marathons, the fact we both have dads named Randy, her almost-pledging-a-sorority misadventures, making fun of our neighbor boys and nighttime sledding runs at Brian Head.

Me, James and Monica looking awesome at Willowbrook #40, 1998

Night tubing

How cute is this? We loved being roomies so much we had PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS TAKEN.
Our b-day girl is in the front.

10 years later, Jamie has proven to be not just a fun college neighbor, and later, roommate, but a great role model in pretty much every area of life. She's a fantastic wife and mother, a champion of underdogs' causes and just an all around really, really incredibly good person. She's the kind of friend you always want in your corner. I'm so glad she's in mine.

Happy birthday, James!



Natalie said...

I once took professional pictures with my friends... but we were in 7th grade. I am glad you did this in makes me feel less dumb.

Anonymous said...

Okay...I am totally DYING over this posting! Seeing those pictures brought back so many fun memories. I miss the Good ol' SUU days, but mostly miss my good friend James.
P.S. I love that picture of you and Zachy Poo :)

Marcae said...

Ummm.....that was me that left the anonymous comment (if you didn't know)!!!
Sure love ya!

Cichelli said...

Aren't college friends the greatest? I mean, yours are obviously much cooler than mine since I've never had professional pictures taken with friends... wait, was "cooler" the right word?

Tyler said...

Miranda, I am so honored to have an entire post dedicated to me!!! This is the coolest birthday present ever! I'm also very excited to have the world know that I am friends with not only Salt Lake's coolest but the world coolest PR director. Hopefully now when I visit Price people will consider me a local. Seriously though Miranda that was really sweet it meant a lot to me, you're the best! We know that it is always cool to have pictures professionally taken when you live with the cutest girls around. But honestly why didn't anyone tell me my face was huge!
Sure love ya,

The Miller Family said...

You guys are so lucky to have grown up in the 90's or you would have some seriously embarassing photos...well maybe you still do, but I think it looks like fun!

MandoRama said...

When are you going to post the professional Glamour Shot you had taken? Oh, hell, here, I'll do it for you:

Diania said...

I'm sick of looking at you and your college friends.