Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Lovely: Letterpress prints

I never thought I'd say this: We're in the home stretch of the nursery/master bedroom/bathroom remodel. Carpet will be here tomorrow and the last of the touch-up painting is getting done today thanks to my wonderfulwonderfulwonderful father-in-law. (Did I mention that he is wonderful?)

Last night I took a soak in our new ginormous bathtub (Thanks to my sister-in-law's wonderfulwonderfulwonderful boyfriend. He got us an awesome deal on this SIX FOOT LONG tub. It's incredible. Michael Phelps may be coming over later to swim laps, I'm not sure.)

So now that I can focus on the really important things, like decorating, I ordered a few prints on Etsy that I think will make smashing additions to the nursery nook. I'm so excited to see them framed on the wall.

Bittersugar's letterpressed 'Bridge with Birds' and 'Camping' prints



The Miller Family said...

Yeah, you got lucky with your in laws! They are pretty awesome!

Marcae said...

I can't wait to see the "nook" especially when Mirando arrives. He will be the finishing touch, I'm sure.

And for that bath are one lucky girl!!

Joelle said...

That bathtub sounds wonderful - talk about a dream for a pregnant woman! I can't wait to see the nook.


Those will be so hip! You are starting this little nugget off right. He/She needs to know it's not what you're like, but WHAT you like (high fidelity). His/Her room will be so happenin'.

And that 6 foot bath!? Let's just say, I am more then jealous. Happy soaking!

katie said...

That tub sounds divine!