Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

Our family had a great time during Anthony's first Christmas. For the first time, Z & I hosted our families at our house. We celebrated by dressing Anthony in holiday appropriate attire (that his dad pointed out made him look more like Liberace than an elf) during our fun and festive Christmas Eve dinner with my parents, my brother Derek and his fiance Paige, Zach's parents, his sister Amie and her boyfriend Adam.

On Christmas day, my sister Malarie and her fiance Terah arrived from Florida and we all enjoyed a Christmas dinner of tamales and enchiladas. Anthony enjoyed being held nonstop by Aunt Mal.

My mom stayed with us for about five days and Zach and I were busy trying to figure out a way to convince her to never leave. We were spoiled with meals made, the house being cleaned, laundry washed and folded, the living room curtains I bought six months ago were finally hung and she was constantly changing Anthony's diapers. She even brought me Oreos and milk in bed the other day, I am not kidding.

We all had a great holiday; Parker and Sydney were even visited by Santa Paws who brought them new stuffed animals.

Hopefully you had a great holiday as well, and may your New Year be filled with junk food that is lovingly brought to you while you lounge in your bed. There really is nothing better than that.



Sarah said...

I can not get over how grown up Malarie and Derek are! Your baby is way way cute! Mine looked like monkeys, or 80 year old men. In my family we come in lookin' like we should be on the way out :(

Kathee said...

What a great Christmas! Kids do make it fun, especially with a great family. You look especially fabulous! The great mommy glow!

The Miller Family said...

Oh what a cutie! I wish I could hold him!

Cichelli said...

He has gotten so big already. That's it, I'm coming over. He needs me to hold him.

katie said...

Loving all the pictures.
We don't have a newborn, but I am thinking that your Mom is also needed here. Her treatment is spectacular!

Amanda said...

I love your mom. I can't that is your brtoher and sister and both ENGAGED?!! What a joke. (I have issues with being old)

Joelle said...

What a wonderful holiday! You look fabulous

Justin and Jill said...

What a fun Christmas! There's nothing like Christmas with a new baby. Little Anthony is so sweet!

I seriously think of your Mom when I see Oreos. I think she told me once that she at tons of Oreos when she was pregnant with you. Is that right?! She is the cutest grandma, I'm sure.