Friday, January 9, 2009

Our newest new addition

If you're like me and occasionally catch something on TV, or maybe saw on a blog you're stalking, about some person who has prepared for months (Maybe years? I have no idea about these sorts of things), sacrificing food cravings, committing to daily, hours-long, grueling athletic training, turning their body into a perfect machine in order to complete an exhausting triathlon, mountain climb or some other extraordinary physical feat, and you thought to yourself "Why would anyone want to make their life SO HARD?"

I'm afraid that Z & I are those kind of people (only with fewer rippling muscles, a lot less discipline and higher junk food intake. Um, much higher junk food intake.).

Right smack in the middle of our house remodel, an international vacation (thanks, SkyMiles & Maegan's Bed & Breakfast) and oh, a little thing called PREPARING TO BIRTH, HOUSE AND CARE FOR A BABY, we decided it was a great idea to buy a building that we will remodel and then into which we will move our restaurant.

This is exactly the kind of decision that is typical of us. We always do things the hard way, I'm not sure why. The first year we were married we lived in a charming little apartment (it was smack in the middle of an industrial area, but I thought it was still charming). I was working at my first real job out of college and Zach was working three jobs (we're still not sure why he did this, there really wasn't a reason for such madness): UPS, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Rock Creek Pizza.

When his friend decided to sell Rock Creek, we bought the equipment and put it in storage for a couple years until we could find a location and get funding for Z's restaurant.

In the meantime, we bought not just one dilapidated old, run-down house (which caused my grandmother to cry out of sadness--real tears!--when she set her beautiful brown eyes upon it), we bought TWO dilapidated, old, run-down houses. The reason we were able to buy two of these beauties is because they were so old and neglected that they, together, cost less than one normal house.

We decided to renovate them and become landlords while living in one and renting out the other. So we lived without a fridge for a few months, with cut-up plastic garbage bags--and the free ones that the city provides for leaf collection, no less!--on our windows in place of curtains and without a real front door for longer than I care to admit. But we were happy in our (once-) sad little house.

This craziness we're now throwing ourselves into should help the restaurant gain the more neighborhood-focused feel we've been looking for. But it's also kind of insane. We're going to do some remodeling on the building that currently houses Highland Perk Coffee. And, we're keeping Highland Perk running through the construction (or at least during most of it).

Which means Zach is currently running two businesses. Which is a lot of work.

Which means he's home less than usual. Which is a lot of work. For me.

But, once summer rolls around and we have our new pizzeria/coffee house and we're sitting on the little patio, taking in the geraniums (don't you think this place is just begging for some geraniums?) and chatting with the wonderful neighborhood customers, I think it should be worth it.

At least I hope so.

Since we're joining the two businesses, Z Pizzeria and Highland Perk, we need a new name. Ideally, we want to keep the name "Z Pizzeria & [SOMETHING HERE] but are unsure of the 'something here' part.

Any suggestions?



Maegan said...

Maegan. or Maegan is beautiful. I like the sound of that...

Maegan said...

z's pizza perk.

The Threet Family said...

You guys sound like you are doing so good. I am super happy for you. Anthony is absolutely beautiful and it was so good to see the pictures of your family. Congrats on the new investment.

katie said...

There it is. I am in love with it!
My name suggestion is The Spot.

Kathee said...

I really don't want your pizza place that far from my house!! I am still getting my 3 cheese with white sauce, spinach and mushrooms!! (What happened to the other cheese??)

MandoRama said...

The Z Spot! Bahahahahaaaaa!


I don't think it will matter what you call it - people will take one taste of that amazing buffalo chicken pizza and will cry the same tears that granny did in front of the old brown house. I'm so excited for you guys, and I'm happy to know I am not the only one who likes to do everything the hard way.

Amanda said...

You always learn more when doing things the hard way. Only sissies do things the easy way.

Anonymous said...

Z's Pizzeria & Perk..

sarah said...

I am so behind the stick!! Just popped by to see what was new...and holy hannah! So much! I LOVE this building...and the coffee...I couldn't be more excited for you!!