Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Lovely: Marcae's Marvelous Cookies

My great friend, Marcae brought a platter full of these beautiful cookies over last week and they were almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

(For the record, Z & I ate EVERY SINGLE ONE before the night was over. Our only regret was that we didn't have any for the next day.)



katie said...

They look amazing, and sounds like they tasted that way as well.
Wish you would have shared. You cookie hoarder!


Those do look tasty! I am so sad we could not come see you - but a good thing as Jack's little cough turned into a horrible case of Croup.

I have a cute little gift for you - maybe I will have Ryan drop it off to Z before your little man is too grown up to wear it. Hope to see you soon!

Amanda said...

You are right! They looked so beautiful (and yummy) how could you not eat them?

Marcae said...

You are too sweet, Miranda. Glad you liked them.

Justin and Jill said...

I think I need one of those cookies right now!

Your little guys looks so sweet. I need to meet him! My boys have a little gift for him, so let's arrange something soon.