Monday, March 16, 2009

Caution: May encourage users to join the circus

Him: I learned what happens when I take an Ambien before I get online.

Me: What?

Him: I buy things. On eBay.

Me: What did you buy?

Him: I am now the proud owner of a professional-model unicycle. It arrives Wednesday.

Me: I hope it comes with a helmet.



Kathee said...

That explains the two pairs of BRIGHT yellow sweat pant suits that arrived a week before my wedding. It also came with a shawl (????) some grey shoes (????) and a great purse that I did use for the wedding. I feel his pain and can't wait to see him ride that bad boy! I'll wear my canary yellow sweats!

Amanda said...

It's the new trend. (Meaning unicycles, not necessarily Ambien, ebay and unicycles.)

Encore Dance said...

I want Ambien to be the new trend. Oh, this is Sarah, not the dance studio because it would be crazy for the dance studio to be commenting because the dance studio is not a person.

The Threet Family said...

Miranda, your blog is so fun to look at! I loved the electric slide. It brought back so many wonderful memories. Also, Anthony is beautiful. It is fun that you have him dating already.

emmy and ry said...

What in the world. I want to see him rockin the unicycle when it arrives. Love it.