Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Lovely: Air Mail

I recently checked the mailbox for the (usually boring) daily delivery of bills, catalogs and occasional magazine (and now that Domino is no more, my magazine delivery anticipation has seriously waned). Imagine my surprise when I found a letter--delivered by ROYAL Air Mail, no less!--from my over-the-pond friend, Maegan.

There is just something about getting a handwritten note that can't be beat.



katie said...

Love handwritten notes.
I was recently thinking about how it is a lost art, due to so much technology. Now days kids text instead of writing each other notes and folding them in creative ways. So sad.

Maegan Leoni said...

I love getting real mail too. I remember back in the day, when the only communication I would get from my friends were via snail mail and I LOVED the anticipation of waiting for the hand made envelope constructed of magazine pages and glitter. I think we should start it up again. Who's in?