Thursday, July 15, 2010

And let the dinner party invites commence...

I admit it. One of the main reasons I wanted to have a child was so he could intentionally smear food on his face, I could say "show Mommy how the piggies eat!" and then laugh uncontrollably.

In the video below you'll notice that my dream has come true.

The bad news is that I had washed Little A's high chair just before this classic display of Martha Stewart-approved table manners. Time not so much well spent. The good news is that the hilarious little giggle you heard? Pretty much sums up his personality all day, every day.

I mean, what's there to be upset about when you have endless amounts of "GOGURT!" and Cheerios to smear on your face.



Teri said...

He is definitely his daddy's son. Such a cutie and an entertainer! We definitely need to get our little guys together soon!

katie said...

I AM IN LOVE. He is so amazing!