Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ten before 10/1

If you read a lot of blogs you may have noticed a lot of "30 before 30," lists or something to that effect, floating around the blogosphere. If you haven't, I have. And take my word for it: they're popular right now. I think they're a great idea -- I am a list-lover at heart and the thought of having all of my goals laid out right before my astigmatism-ed little eyes, WITH A DEADLINE, makes me happy.

The only problem is I am past 30.

31 actually.

And I didn't do one of these lists. And "32 before 32" sounds kind of, well, like I forgot to do a 30 before 30 list. (Although, being from Utah, I should have a soft spot for those two numbers.)

But anyhow, I have decided to do my own list: "10 before 10/1." Ten things before October. I figure that giving myself only four weeks will make me get my arse in gear and actually accomplish something.

So (drumroll, please!) without further ado: My 10 Before 10/1 List:

1. Replace the knobs on the Craigslist dresser I bought (and have been living with for more than one year) when I thought: "That dresser will work great but I can't live with it for more than one day without replacing those knobs."

2. Take pictures of Little A's nursery nook and write a blog post about my favorite part of it -- the changing table/dresser.

3. Put up a piece of art on the gigantic, bare wall that calls my name every time I walk by, reminding me how big of a procrastinator I am.

4. Finish reading the book I started a couple months ago and haven't finished.

5. Find new pillows for our living room couch. Either by buying some I love or making them myself. Which reminds me...

6. ...I need to use my sewing machine. I haven't made anything with it yet even though I've had it for a couple of years. I can't wait to try.

7. Burn the 19 months of video footage from our camcorder onto DVDs.

8. Print out (and put in an album) at least two months of photos from Anthony's first year. I know, I am wayyyy behind on this.

9. Have a picnic at the park while it's still warm.

10. Eat at a new restaurant.

I will report back on my progress. Wish me luck!



Amanda said...

that seems like 3 years worth of stuff you just named there. Except for the trying a new restaurant thing, I could do that everyday. Here is my advice: You really have to pace yourself. If you get that much done in a month, Zach will start expecting it all the time. :) In all seriousness, which doesn't happen often, GOOD LUCK!!! :)

Kathee said...

Good luck!!! I found that Ikea has great AND inexpensive pillow covers. I just "recovered" the pillows on my couch for a new look. I don't know what kind of list you make for 46 - but I'm calling mine the: "Shit or get off the pot" list. A list of things that I want to do that I should get moving on while I have time to enjoy it's success. Sounds old and creepy - but it's really not!

katie said...

Good luck my dear. You can do it all.

The Threet Family said...

That is a way good list. I will be anticipating the updates. Hope everything is going great!!!!

katie said... did it go? I miss you. Lets get together sooner rather than later.