Friday, November 16, 2007

Flashback Friday: Rockefeller Center

So I was at Costco today and noticed that everything they are selling right now is Christmas related. Poinsettias? Check. Fake trees? Got 'em. Enormous crock pots? No problem. Industrial size bottles of Xanax? Sure thing. Well, not really, but they should sell that, too. This is Utah after all.

Anyhoo, it obviously got me thinking about Christmas. One of my favorite holiday season memories was probably about four years ago, in a far away time we refer to as BZP (before Z Pizzeria). I was in NYC for a media tour and Zach braved one of the worst blizzards in Manhattan's history to meet me there. We had a blast touring all of the movie-set-perfect holiday sites and doing our Christmas shopping. Although I've been lucky enough to make it back to New York almost every year during Christmas time, this first trip with Z was my favorite.


Justin and Jill said...

You guys are so cute, Miranda! By the way, when did you become a golfer?! Great form!

Diania said...

Did you iceskating? I'm sure you are so graceful.

MandoRama said...

I fully agree about the Xanax. Christmas is just an annual anxiety trigger.