Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just Fore' Fun

After months of trying to get out of the office and hit a bucket of balls, Natalie and I finally accomplished our goal. We had a ton of fun and were able to take advantage of the day's incredible weather during lunch. We couldn't believe how nice it was outside--warm and sunny. We (heart) global warming.

We arrived at the posh golf club and began with our highly scientific method of filling our baskets with golf balls (using our feet to ensure there would be no spillage):

Natalie demonstrated her superb technique:

Even more impressive, considering her (lack of) footwear:

Notice we are wearing our best matching golf gloves:

I am getting ready to hit the ball out of the park. Or, something like that:


Here we are--Michelle Wie and Annika Sorenstam. Oh, I mean Miranda and Natalie:

We must have burned at least 10 or 15 calories so of course we replaced them immediately with the best part of our day--grilled cheese sandwiches, Coke (Diet for me) and fries:

Editor's Note: If you are a golf executive and are interested in persuading us to either 1. join the LPGA tour or 2. be ridiculously overpaid spokespeople for your golf-related business endeavour, have your people call our people.

But bring your best offer. We're highly in demand.


The Miller Family said...

You two are so cute! Do you carry your own tripod with you?

Sarah said...

Ahhh, golf. I know nothing about it but I saw a way cute golfer gift in Brookstone the other day. It's a club that holds hot or cold drinks and with the push of a button you can be highly caffinated or highly intoxicated for 9 straight holes!

Natalie said...

Gosh, we're hot. Oh wait, that picture of me eating should be burned...I look like instead of burning off 15 calories during our awesome session of golf ball hitting, i gained 20 pounds.

And I received a call from Titleist this morning. I am in negotiations for a multi-million dollar contract. I'll quit once it goes through. Apparently they saw the "fat" picture of me and decided they needed an overweight spokeswoman. They said you were too skinny.

MandoRama said...
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MandoRama said...

I had the same question as Miller Fam. Did you actually ask people to take those pictures of you two together - cuddling as if you were a couple on your honeymoon??? If so, yeah, I'm sure the LPGA will be calling soon . . .

P.S. - Natalie, shut up, you DO NOT look fat in those pics. Although you DO look like you're taking a dump in the one where you are teeing off.

Miranda said...

Miller Fam & Mandorama: It just so happens that we asked fellow golfers to take our picture. When it comes to documenting things for our blogs we are not above recruiting the assistance of civilians to ensure stellar accounts of our adventures.

Teri and Mark said...

Alright... I want an invite on the next golf adventure. Please?

Cichelli said...

You golf? Why didn't I know this about you? We are definitely going someday soon. It's the only (kind of) athletic thing I do. The way the weather here is acting, should we plan on going Christmas Eve? I don't know if we'll ever have snow. Ben's in depression--I'm celebrating.