Friday, January 25, 2008

Flashback Friday: Bracciano, Baby!

This week's Flashback isn't from a very far-away time. It was just this summer, May actually, when I swung by Rome to visit everyone's favorite Italian, Maegan. One day, while Morgann and I were visiting, we boarded a train to Bracciano, the town that, despite its romantic and dramatic centuries-old history and stunning setting alongside a beautiful lake, is better known as the place where little Katie bought a one-way ticket to Crazytown.

Bracciano is the kind of place a little Italian village should be. Quaint cobble stone roads, balconies with flowers spilling over the side, dozens of small restaurants with tables perched on the sidewalk, tucked-away parks and a castle (of course!).

It was an incredible day, we had so much fun going on the castle tour, which was in Italian so I didn't understand anything, but I'm sure was enlightening.

We also stopped at a park and watched Italian teenagers flirt with each other while the younger children played in front of their parents.

We made sure not to not miss our daily gelato supplement.

We visited the town square area where we admired these adorable ladies. I would just love to have known what they were talking or gossiping about. It seems serious.

Then we stopped for wine. Then we missed our train back to Rome. So we went back for more wine while we waited for the next one. And we missed our train again. (This may or may not have had something to do with all the wine, but I prefer to blame it on the notoriously unreliable Italian scheduling system. I'm sure that's it.)

I spy three M's in the window reflection.


Diania said...

Little old Italian ladies need to learn to close their legs when wearing skirts.

Cichelli said...

i love diania's comments.