Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why I won't be nagging him about taking out the trash

There are many things that can make someone Husband of the Year. Maybe a year's supply of no-complaint foot rubs, frequent surprise flower deliveries or a shiny, new ribbon-wrapped car in the driveway. However, I think Zach is competing for this honor for helping his wife, that would be me, get to high-five the object of my crush, the newest Utah Jazz player, Kyle Korver.

I understand that having a silly crush on Kyle Korver puts me in the same category as every 12-year-old girl in Utah, but who cares. I think he's dreamy.
Last Thursday night, Zach and I were watching the Jazz game from home when he got a call on his cell phone. It was an urgent request from a Z Pizzeria fan who happened to be in labor and calling from her hospital room. She and her starving hubby were wondering if Zach could arrange for a piping hot delivery of the cheese variety since they were busy awaiting a special delivery of their own. He quickly picked up some pies and ran them up to the room.

This call came from the wife of one of our favorite Jazz players. Since Zach took care of their dinner needs, they called this weekend and offered us their tickets to the game last night.

It's always fun to have such great seats, but this time was even more incredible since I was within feet of my crush himself. Zach proved to be an excellent husband when he quickly switched chairs with me at the end of the game so that I would be right next to the players when they walked by. He then made me stick my hand out to high-five Kyle.

I did, Kyle hit my hand with his, and I am still wearing my huge grin today.
I promised Z that if we ever see his crush, I'll be sure to help him get a high-five from her. I owe him one.

There he is: The object of my junior-high-esque crush. Thanks, Z!


Kate Rosenvall said...

Oh Kyle Korver...what a dream :) I'm assuming that you will never, ever wash that hand again!
P.S. Z's Pizzeria ROCKS!!!

The Miller Family said...

I swear Ben and Zach were separated at birth.

P.S. ZP does rock and Kyle is dreamy!

The Miller Family said...

My bad, turns out it wasn't Heidi that Ben is such a big fan of.

Cichelli said...

I eat at the same pizzeria as Jazz players? I knew I had good taste.

Ben knows that if Tom Brady ever shows up at my door, I'm allowed to leave and never look back and he has to be completely supportive. That's nice that you just give high fives, rather than abandon your family.

But Ben's allowed to leave for Angelina Jolie. So I think it's fair trade.