Thursday, February 28, 2008

Overheard: Exchanging Morning Pleasantries

Amanda: Get out of here. Go find more banana pudding recipes.

Diania*: I don't NEED a recipe. I have an old family recipe for banana pudding.

Amanda: Oh really? An old family recipe? What's it for, B-A-N-A-N-I-A pudding?

(Editor's Note: Readers should understand that Diania's name, pronounced "Diana," is a family tradition. She is named after her grandmother, whose name was spelled wrong on her birth certificate. And now you have the rest of the story.]

[Update: Diania's name goes back to her great-great grandma. It must be southern thing.]


Diania said...

Get your damn story straight. First, it's a southern recipe, so it's PUDDIN' not Pudding. And my name goes back way farther than my grandma. Try great, great Grandma. Eat that! (with some puddin)

Miranda said...

Oh, snap! I can't believe I left out Great Great Gradma Diania.

MandoRama said...

But if it was her great-grandma's name, wouldn't that person also be her great-aunt and/or second cousin? I mean, she IS from the South.

Diania said...

Again, I was named after my Grandma Diania that is from Utah. Her family came across the plains. From a sweet little town called Panguitch.