Thursday, May 29, 2008

Also? Ellen's dancing is really an elaborate scheme to communicate with Mexican druglords.

I saw this story on the news yesterday and thought to myself, 'Seriously?!?'

Yes, Rachel Ray's paisley scarf is actually a sneaky sign of support to Muslim terrorists/extremists/bad guys. This concern, voiced by conservative commentator Michelle Malkin (I'm guessing it's because of people like her that my treadmill has the helpful warning: "Do not use if short of breath, dizzy or unconscious." Really? Don't use my treadmill when I'm asleep? Thank you for the warning.), is obviously undeserved, embarrassing and stupid.

Everyone knows that terrorists get their information from Krispy Kreme.


katie said...

I agree with you M!
Krispy Kreme has always been somewhat suspicious.

Clint said...

The only travesty of this situation is that RR's scarf wasn't made of metallic mesh and its ends weren't attached to galloping horses running in opposite directions.

Sorry but she really bugs.

Clint said...

Her last words (well, letters): "E.V..O....O"

Diania said...

I'm not with Clint or anyone else on the fact that I don't hate Rachel Ray. $40 a Day is a personal favorite. And I don't think she even knows what a terrorist or extremist is. When would she have time to watch the news? I think her and Ryan Seacrest are planning on taking over the world.... or at least Oprah, same thing.