Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Workin' 9 to 5

What a way to make a livin', indeed. I think most people who punch the time clock agree that work can sometimes be no walk in the park. That's often true for me, too, but for the most part I really enjoy my job. Probably because of all the crazies with whom I spend 40+ hours a week (hi, guys!).

Last week I traveled to the lovely city of Secaucus, New Jersey (just as beautiful as its name implies) and the Big Apple itself, New York. Although I didn't have any of my beloved coworkers with me, I managed to have a great time with some of the editors and clients we work with.

One night, I was invited to attend a reception with some client friends and boarded a boat at sunset at Chelsea Piers to take in the Manhattan skyline and Lady Liberty herself. The view was pretty incredible and, I thought it totally appropriate that I was admiring our country's gift from France with my friends from France. They live in Brooklyn now, but still. Coincidence? I think not.

Another night, I went to dinner at Central Park's legendary Tavern on the Green. My favorite part of the evening was the animals carved into the bushes, especially the giant gorilla that stared at us during dinner.

I didn't take this, instead I grabbed it off the Internet

During the day in NYC, I booked it around town (One of my favorite things about NYC? It's a place where my faster-than-average walking speed fits right in.) and met with editors about upcoming stories. Just in case you want to see what the hallways of a major magazine office look like, here you go:

Not super exciting, I know. They were preparing for a bikini shoot, as you may be able to tell in this photo.

The rest of the time I cruised around the city, checking out my favorite NYC stores (no trip is complete without a stop at Lee's Art Shop on 57th and 7th--trust me you won't be disappointed).

Also, I was able to eat pretty well, although there was something crunchy in my chopped Caesar at this place...


Tygogal said...
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Sarah said...

That's one for Jay Leno! Hair & nail deli salad. Would you like a side of skin flakes?

Diania said...

Crunchy and stringy.

Teri and Mark said...

Ah. NY. Makes me want to go visit real soon. Glad you were able to have fun during your trip.

The Miller Family said...

I totally just noticed your caption about Joey T. One more reason why I love you so much! Could you be any funnier?