Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stay at Home Dad: I don't take drugs I get high on baby hugs

Before Little A was born Zach & I decided we would trade off being home with him so that I could continue to work without having to rely on babysitters (for the sakes of both convenience and my anxiety level). We're really lucky that Z's job allows for this kind of flexibility. Three days a week I go into the office and it's boys' time at our household as Z & A hang out together. It's working out great and they have a blast, even if sometimes when I get home two people (who shall remain anonymous) are still in their pajamas.



Heather said...

My boys are always in their pajamas also. Either that or in clothes that are too small.

Marcae said...

Is it possible for this little clip to bring me so much happiness? I love it. A is one lucky little boy :)

The Threet Family said...

I used to have that same problem. Why is it that dad's don't think everyone needs to get dressed? Wierd!