Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday: Father's Day Family Outing

This year for Father's Day, my brother and I decided to team up and give our dad the gift of golf. My parents are avid golfers, playing every few days--my mom even played 27 holes in one day last week.

Since they rarely venture up to the Big City, Derek and I told my parents they must come up and spend the day with us so that we can golf together as a family (although we were missing one--our sis, Malarie). Sure it's supposed to be my dad's chance to pick whatever he wants to do, but since he's a good dad he lets us boss him around.

We had a great day, we golfed at Wing Point so that my airplane aficionado father could enjoy watching the jets take off and land at Salt Lake International.

[Update: I just realized the two pics above are actually from another golfing trip my bro & parents were on together. Somehow they ended up in my photos from this day, but since they're so cute I'm leaving them in anyway.]

I opted out of golfing myself, since, in my delicate condition I wasn't feeling up to playing 18 holes (actually, I was just being lazy but I've found that people are much more sympathetic if you blame things on being pregnant).

Instead I was Derek & Zach's cart companion. The three of us enjoyed speaking with accents, something that we always do whenever we're together although none of us are sure why. This day we alternated between "hillbilly" and "British" (we had to class it up a bit since we were on the course, you know) with an occasional bit of Irish brogue thrown in.

We also observed how much my brother and dad are alike. Ever since Derek was big enough to move around, he's always stood, walked and gestured exactly like my dad. Them' are some strong genes.

And lucky for us, he also inherited my dad's gift of telling stories and adding so much detail that we all feel like we were actually there witnessing his funny adventures. This explains why my stomach muscles hurt the next day even though I didn't do anything strenuous.

Laughing-related injuries are the best kind.



Sarah said...

So I did not recognize Tori at all.

Sarah said...

And Zac is way hot, but isn't he like 12? I remember him and Mal being like in Jr. High. Hmmmm, that's weird. And it's pretty much lame that you have no hint of a bump at all. I've looked 6 months prego for like the last 5 years. EAT A SANDWICH! (That's a MK & A joke by the way, don't be mad.)

ali said...

I love these pictures. It was so good to see your mom and dad. Let them know that I said hi.

Justin and Jill said...

My first thought when I saw these pictures was how much Derek looked like your dad! Wow!

I wish I could have been your cart companion, too, just to hear the accents and funny stories you guys came up with. Next time I see you, I need a demonstration on the hillbilly accent. Justin tries to to it everytime we go to Price. Rude!

katie said...

Good job on playing the "pregnancy card." It is a must. Cute family.
BTW--are you really pregnant? When are you going to start showing?

MandoRama said...

Um, are you wearing the type of hat I think you're wearing? ( Don't worry, you're still cute.