Friday, August 15, 2008

Flashback Friday: Notre Dame

Last month, Kristyn traveled to Price from her home in Washington to baptize her beautiful little girl Ava in our hometown church. (Fun fact: Kristyn is one of my best friends, I've known her since I attended her older sister's birthday party when I was the whopping age of two weeks old.)

Ava's baptism was at Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church which just so happens to be the same place that Kristyn, Marisa, our friend Rachele and I made our First Communions when we were in second grade. It's also the church where Z and I were married.

After the baptism festivities, Kristyn's husband Lance took a picture of the three of us, with the girls, on the front steps of the church:

(R): Marisa & Ella, Me & Mirando (in my belly) and Kristyn & Ava

Which looked surprisingly familiar to one of us in the exact same spot around 1986, although we were much more dressed up here:

(L): Father Schuh, Marisa, me, Rachele, Kristyn


Jamie said...

Miranda this is my official favorite flashback Friday. That was quite an alliteration (sp?)! Love the then and now pics!

katie said...

Love this!
I keep repeating, "how neat."