Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monday* Lovely: Oh Man Creations Notecards

If you know me at all then you know that there are three things that I HAVE to have in my life on a regular basis:

1. Gas station nachos;
2. Root beer floats; and
3. Golden Girls reruns.

And also? I love me some stationery.

Note cards, paper, envelopes... You name it I will buy it if I can write on it and drop it in the mail. That's why I also love Etsy. There are literally billions (I also love it when people overuse the word "literally" and exaggerate at the same time) of creative and colorful stationery pieces to purchase.

Here are some of my recent additions from an adorable, affordable Etsy shop, Oh Man Creations:

*I'm fully aware that this post isn't on a Monday. I'm just running late, as usual.



Joelle said...

I love note cards and just last night was cleaning out my overstock and found cards I had forgotten about. Bring on the writing!

Marcae said...

I love Etsy. Have you checked out all the baby stuff??