Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy thought

The last couple weeks have been especially sad ones for many of my family and friends. There have been several accidents that have taken beautiful, vibrant people far earlier than anyone ever would have imagined.

These things have reminded me to appreciate the people in my life and how lucky we are to have each other around every day. I've also realized that in the grand scheme of things, little annoyances like a week without air conditioning; a house overflowing with unfolded laundry, dirty dishes and sawdust; and job-related craziness are truly not a big deal.

As scary as it is, I'm thankful that Z & I are gearing up to welcome our little bambino; I'm also feeling especially fortunate to be going through this getting-ready-for-a-baby phase with one of my best friends, Tori. She and I are due a day apart with our first kiddos--a girl for her and a boy for me. Yes, an arranged marriage is already in place. Mark your calendars for Spring 2028.

Here's to good friends and family and enjoying them as much as possible.

T (without her trademark platinum blond locks!) & me at her casa in Phoenix
at the start of our second trimesters.


Kenny, Jess, and Addy said...

Hey! Cute blog! Addy is growing so fast! How are you feeling?

katie said...

My calendar is marked for Spring 2028. I just had to arrange one thing, but you are worth it. Thanks for the invitation.
So fun to see a pic of Tori. Almost didn't recognize her w/o the blond, but the smile gave it away.

ali said...

This is such a fun picture. I just played in a softball tournament with Rusty and Ryan and they were asking about everyone. They told me to tell you hi the next time I talk to you. They were wondering about Tori too, so let her know we all say "what's up." That totally sounded like I was trying to be gangsta or something.

Marcae said...

What??? Tori without her golden locks? I had to take a double take. You guys look so darling with your "barely there" baby bumps. I can't wait for these babies to get here.