Thursday, September 25, 2008

Even worse than the dream where I was being chased by 4' tall detached human heads

Sorry to get political but I saw this clip and, if I thought getting to sleep before seeing it was difficult, I had another thing coming.

The fact this person could be the next vice president of the United States -- a position that is a heartbeat away from calling all the shots and requires going toe-to-toe with some of the world's most ruthless leaders; speaking quickly and succinctly on the spot; improving this country's shaky global reputation; navigating us through a horrific and astronomically costly war; and being instrumental in repairing our crumbling-by-the-second economy -- is absolutely terrifying to me. This clip also reveals exactly why the media have been kept so far away from this candidate.

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Seriously, this was the best person who could be found to run for the job? Americans should be offended. I am.



The Miller Family said...

Well she's right you know...Alaska is right next to Russia.

Maegan said...

And I was just thinking that I wanted to move back.......nevermind.

Teri and Mark said...

She frightens me. The whole thing frightens me.

Joelle said...

I'm all for moving to Canada if she is elected!

Cichelli said...

It's even funnier than the SNL clip making fun of this clip. She is so hopeless and helpless. I can't wait for the Biden-Palin debate.