Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So long, Big Apple. See you next time.

I've worked in New York a lot over the years but this time, as I was preparing to go last week, I realized it will be a while before I'm back as it officially marked the last of my business trips until after the baby is here. I've compiled some of the details of it so that in a few months from now when I'm wearing the previous week's dirty laundry and smelling of milk and baby wipes, I can remember it. My friend & coworker Courtney and I traveled together for a client's event and had a great time.

A list of our Big City highlights follows. We:

- Were unable to get a direct flight from SLC to JFK and had a short, but surprisingly pleasant layover at Dulles in DC. At the airport restaurant we realized we were sitting, practically at the same table because we were so close, next to Olympic Silver Medal figure skater Sasha Cohen. Fortunately, Courtney knew it was her. I kept staring at her thinking she looked familiar and wondering if it's because she vaguely resembled one of my brother's friends. I should be commended for refraining from striking up a conversation to compare her devastating 2002 medal loss to my devastating 1st grade ice skating wrist fracture.

- Stayed in a Radisson on Lexington and 48th. Lex is one of my favorite streets on which to seek shelter because it's just far enough away from Times Square that you're not constantly annoyed by the tourist from Boca who is walking s-l-o-w-l-y up the sidewalk with his head cranked heavenward, mouth agape. While wearing socks. With sandals. Combined with the shorts pulled up to his armpits and the ubiquitous camera dangling around his neck. This Radisson is actually very charming (as Radissons go), and is the recent recipient of an overhaul. I love this hotel because it's small room-number wise by NYC standards, but the rooms are not terribly tiny plus they are clean and modern. And it has a Starbucks.

- Our meeting was a success, we hosted a successful media event at this super cool hotel where we spied a painting by a high school friend of Zach's hanging in the lobby.

- Ate like champs. I've always found it fitting that New York's nickname is associated with food since if there's anything this city is known for (besides ridiculous amounts of shopping opportunities, Donald Trump and his ridiculous hair and really really ridiculous real estate prices), it's the food. For breakfast one morning I enjoyed a bowl of yogurt that was topped with fresh berries that were almost as big as my growing-by-the-minute belly. Some of my favorite eating joints we visited this trip:

Rosa Mexicano: The Lincoln Center location is great. The freshest of fresh guac made right at your table. My dining companions enjoyed what seemed to be delicious pomegranate margaritas and I loved my fresh mango juice. The food was good, too.

Bar Americain: Bobby Flay can cook some mean comfort food. We stopped into his place for chicken pot pies (for Courtney & Jeff) and a bacon/gorgonzola pizza for me. I had to try this cheesy bacon concoction so I could report back to Z, it's part of my ongoing "research" to benefit his restaurant. I'm really generous that way.

Pinkberry: Courtney and I walked for what seemed like miles to get to Pinkberry and it was definitely worth it. The frozen yogurt is extremely, uh, yogurty. Not like froyo that tastes just like ice cream, this has an extra dryness to it that is delicious, especially when topped with fresh raspberries and bananas like mine was.

- Engaged in shopping. Of course, we jetted over to my favorite NYC store of all-time, Lee's Art Shop, at our first opportunity. I picked up two sets of lovely thank-you notes here (and nearly peed my pants waiting for the bathroom to become available. It was a close one. Lots of water drinking + 5.5 months pregnant + lots of walking + few bathrooms = not a wise decision).

Image from

- Since I am a Project Runway junkie, I just HAD to make it to the designer fabric haven, Mood. Courtney won the BEST FRIEND EVER IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND THEN SOME award for humoring my Mood quest. We walked six blocks in the wrong direction, then back up the six blocks then up and down the fashion district's streets until we found the unmarked entrance and the button-less elevator you have to take to get into the three-story store (it actually has an elevator man who uses a crank to make the elevator go up and down! An elevator man!). I found the upholstery fabric I didn't know I had been searching for my entire life, which I shall use to recover an ottoman. This fabric is shown below on a sofa that, as I noticed a few days ago, was in the background for about .05 seconds in an episode of PR (!!!). My fabric is famous.

Image from

- Checked out Fashion Week at Bryant Park where we were short on celebrity sightings but had enough graphic PETA posters shoved in our faces that I can 100% promise I will never, ever, ever wear fur as long as they never ever, ever, make me look at another one of those hideous posters again (not that I ever wore it before. But still.). I also realized that 1. EVERYONE in the fashion industry smokes and 2. I am definitely not hip enough to pull off the plastic sunglasses-sans-lenses look I saw a few fashionista/os sporting.

- Shared a plane ride home with Natalie who was also in New York for work. Fun times and gossip magazine-sharing ensued.

- Were so happy to get home.

Also? I did just fine in my "walking shoes" thankyouverymuch.



Joelle said...

First, I want to go to NYC with you. I've never had this much fun.
Second, You should be given a "pregnancy medal" for wearing heels while 5+ months pregnant and walking the streets of NYC...seriously

Courtney said...

I've never felt more unfashionable, standing outside of the fashion week tents in my sweet Old Navy t-shirt with a hole under the armpit.

katie said...

My oh my. You get around.
New York with you would truly be an adventure. You know of places to enjoy that most have never heard of. My favorite part of the post was reading about the food. That's the most important part of traveling for me.

Natalie said...

I will admit that before I fully read this post, I scrolled down to see that I made the list. HOORAY! I made the list. Besides my "happy cabbie" experience, sharing a plane with you and C was the highlight of my trip!