Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Overheard: One-track minds

Below is a transcript of several comments I heard in our open-floor-plan office. All of the comments were not part of the same conversation, but since I heard them one right after the other, it sounded like they were and made for an interesting eavesdropping moment:

Person 1: Are you really going to pee on that?

Person 2: Don't worry, I'm bringing the bag.

Person 3: I just have to tell myself: 'Remember to pass along the poo!'

In case you were wondering, or are planning to ask the health department to make a friendly stop by our marketing firm:

Person 1: Was asking our boss about a free PH-level test she found in a magazine.

Person 2: Reminding our department she is bringing the Halloween candy to the meeting.

Person 3: Talking about how she doesn't want to forget about the rubber dog poo that's on her desk and has been making its way around as the latest office prank.



ali said...

This blog completely cracked me up. I look forward to my weekly updates every time and make sure to do them with no kids or husband around. This way I get to enjoy them and laugh as loud as I want with no one interupting or thinking I am wierd. You are great!

Maegan said...

pee and poo = funny.