Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Lovely: Baby Mine-Classic Songs for Bedtime CD

I may not be great at singing or staying in-tune or remembering the right words to songs (Hold me closer, Tony Danza) but I do know with absolute certainty that this is one of the best CDs ever recorded.

It's a collection of music that is perfect for lullaby-ing wee little babes to sleep without causing the parents to suffer from Elmo-Induced Psychosis. All of the songs are incredibly beautiful and Anthony loves it. I played it for him often while he was taking up residence in my abdomen and I really do believe that he still recognizes the songs even now. During one of our first nights in the hospital right after he made his grand arrival, he was fussy and nothing seemed to calm him down.

I turned to my beloved iBook (may it rest in peace) and clicked on the BabyMine CD in my iTunes. Instantly he relaxed. It's baby magic. Plus, it features the vocal stylings of one of my all-time favorite local celebrities.

You can preview the album (and then buy it instantly because you seriously won't be able to wait even one more second) on iTunes.


Amanda said...

I love friends. I know that's not what you are recommending, but I couldn't help it after the tony danza remark.

Joelle said...

Thanks for the tip, Natalie will enjoy this I'm sure.