Monday, April 20, 2009

Overheard: Exercise

Him: I really like that the new car has those push-button windows.

Me: What do you mean? Our old car has push-button windows.

Him: No, the new one has one-touch, push-button windows. You just push it once, quickly and the window rolls down by itself.

Me: Our old car had that.

Him: But it didn't have that for rolling the windows back up. The new one does.

Me: Was it really that hard to hold your finger on the button for five seconds to roll it up?

Him: It was annoying. It's much easier to just push the button once.

Me: I can't believe some people think Americans are lazy.



Amanda said...

our car has the kind of windows you actually have to roll up and down, like with your whole arm. I wonder how many calories I burn a day doing that.

Melissa said...

I worked with your mom at dialysis and I've missed her crazy stories about your family and pets. It's been nice to see the pictures of the baby, dogs, etc. and read some of your posts.

The Threet Family said...

I love when you tell us all about the stories you over hear. Usually I am so busy jumping into everyone's conversation that I forget to remember the funny stuff.