Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Overheard: True love

This weekend I was able to meet up with one of my good friends/former coworkers. We had a great time catching up and reliving the crazy stories that happened daily with our former employer. At this company, our boss and his wife worked together and had a, shall we say, tumultuous relationship that made for an interesting office environment.

Our storytelling brought me back to a specific conversation that occurred shortly before I quit. Our boss was out of town and his wife and I were talking about his schedule with this latest overseas adventure.

Me: Wow, that trip he is on sounds exciting.

Her: I know, it really is. But I'm very nervous about it.

Me: You are? Why?

Her: Well, it just sounds kind of dangerous. He's flying around that country in a tiny plane. What if it crashed in the ocean and nobody even knew where to look for them?

Me: * Blinking in disbelief that she actually cares about her husband. My heart is warmed.*

Her: I mean, for me to get his life insurance they have to find a body.



IdlyYours said...
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IdlyYours said...

Even better than:

Well, [intern], you're young and finding your place. You're what, 21, 22?

I'm 28.

Kathee said...

Amen!! You always have to have a body!

The Threet Family said...

Miranda, I know I tell you this all the time, but I seriously love your blog. You are great and your baby is beautiful.

emmy and ry said...

This is so awesome. How did any of you make it out of there alive?

sidenote: I left comments on your last 3 entries. I am so behind in the world of blogging.