Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paint today, pizza tomorrow... Or maybe in a few weeks

The new restaurant space is getting closer to being finished. Zach and I are both really excited about being in this new building. It definitely has more of the neighborhood/mom & pop feel we've been wanting. And now that we're officially a mom & pop ourselves we thought the timing for our move was perfect. The fact we're combining a pizza shop & coffee house is a little unusual but we think the two will make an ideal couple.

We're getting ready for paint and so the hunt for the decor is on. I've put together this mood board to help set the tone as we pick out paint, furniture and other items. Our plan is to go with more neutral paint (and if you know me, you know what a hard decision this was) and then accent with more lively colors.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer until Z is in the kitchen baking up some fresh on the image above for a larger version



Joelle said...

You have such amazing style! I can't wait for fresh pizza and coffee

Amanda said...

I am sure it's going to be beautiful. Maybe I will get to see it sometimes before I run off to become a hula dancer.

The Miller Family said...

I'm not sure how you get to be beautiful, smart, funny and creative! This is awesome!

Jamie said...

Love love love it! the flowers in the tins pleases me so much, you got style girl!

Shanna said...

Yea! I can't wait till it's open! You know if you guy need any help at all, you can call me and Josh!

Kathee said...

I am waiting....I need my pizza fix! I love the decorative ideas! You rock.

emmy and ry said...

Love it! Can't wait!

Now listen to this:
(conversation between me and ryan in the car on the way to SLC)

ry: I'll take you by to see the new Z.

me: You already took me to see it. Did they do something new? When do they open?

ry: I did? When?

me: When they purchased the place.

ry: Wow. Where was I?

(let 20 minutes pass as we head to the birthday party and arrive early)

ry: hmmm, let's kill some time. I'll take you by to see the new Z.

me: what? Are you serious? We just had this conversation.

ry: really? When?

me: Wow. That is amazing...and a little scary.

Little Willow said...

This is a gorgeous idea board! Where is the Z location going to be? Can't wait to try it out!