Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bad Guys: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Recently Zach and I played host to some of our fellow SoTro (SOuth of TROlley neighborhood) residents for Neighborhood Watch Night. Everyone congregated in our dining room, including our informative and very tough looking liason with the SLPD, a local detective. Trust me, you don't want to mess with him.

We learned about fighting crime in our neighborhood and also used it as an excuse for a friendly get-together. Zach and I have mentioned in the past that living in our house is almost like camping. And not just because we were lacking fully functioning running water and had an unhealthy amount of dirt within our immediate living quarters when we first moved in. Our neighborhood reminds me of childhood camping trips where lots of family friends would park their trailers or tents near each other and you could kind of wander from one person's place to the next, hanging out, sitting outside telling stories and laughing. It's not uncommon at all for us to see neighbors outside, stop and talk to them and then before we know it, others have also gathered and we set up an impromptu dinner party where everyone rummages around for whatever is in their fridge, wine cellar (i.e., the little shelf next to the toaster) or fruit basket and a delicious evening ensues.

On this Neighborhood Watch Night we ventured out onto our front porch and everyone realized that we were all lacking in the dinner party item contribution department so Zach called up a connection we have at Z Pizzeria and had some pies delivered.

Mark and Zach keepin' it real on the porch swing.
They are scaring away drug dealers with their toughness.

Satu, Alex, Mark and Daniel taking a bite out of crime.

Ryan is warning criminals to stay far, far away from his home, car
and thin crust with extra cheese.

We found out that not only do we excel at fighting crime, we are also experts at fighting hunger. Particularly our own.



katie said...

SoTro is the place to be. This post makes me homesick for slc, and Z. We need to go there next time we are together.
Your prego dreams are crazy! Wonder if this kid will be as hairy as your other ones?

The Miller Family said...

This brings a tear to my eye! I miss being a SoTro resident. Satu is looking a little pregnant now. I miss you all! Does Z deliver to SC yet? I could really use a spinach and mushroom pizza.