Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's a Toss-Up Between the Guy in the Fountain and the One in the Pool

Maybe it's because some of the "photobombers" on this site remind me a little too much of things my always-proper, extremely shy husband would do in someone else's photo if he had the chance, I think the Web site below may be one of the best to ever hit the Internet.

PS: If pressed hams and some inappropriate, immature gestures make you uncomfortable, you'll have to overlook a few of the pictures on here.

PPS: I found the link on MightyGirl.


katie said...

Before I read your post I was looking all over for you in the picture. When I clued into life I realized you weren't there.
Great links, thanks for making my day!

Marcae said...

Thank you Miranda. My day has been made. That is too funny! What's even funnier is the "pregnancy dreams" you've been having. I had some wild ones while I was prego!

ali said...

I am so excited that you are pregnant. I know it probably says it somewhere on your blog and I am blind, but when are you due?

katie said...

Happy birthday to you...cha, cha, cha. Happy birthday to you...cha, cha, cha. Happy birthday dear Mirandaaaa. Happy birthday to you!
Love you tons! I hope you get everything you want. Look forward to seeing you soon.