Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Lovely: Domino Book of Decorating

It hits bookstore shelves in the fall, but you can pre-order yours today.

Domino is one of my favorite magazines and the fact that the editors have put together a whole book on decorating is the best news I've had since realizing the only thing better than Hot Dog on a Stick's Hot Dog on a Stick is the Cheese on a Stick. Perfection.

And I have a sneaking suspicion this book will have fewer calories.


katie said...
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katie said...

Well well, maybe I should indulge in buying this book, because I definitely need help decorating. Someone came into my house the other day and said, "oh, you like the simple look." (yikes)
As for hot dog on a can't be mentioned without me having an image of the employees and their outfits. (again yikes)