Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Lovely: Hi-ho cherry-o

This weekend Z & I decided that we don't do nearly enough "summery" things. We don't camp. We don't swim much. We don't hike or mountain bike or boat or do other active, outdoorsy things. I would like very much for that to change, preferably without me having to break a sweat.

We do, however, eat our weight in fresh produce. Every year, for about three months or so, we enjoy replacing our regular high-fructose corn syrup-laden snacks (I figured this is a fair description since isn't that in everything?) with delicious fresh fruits and veggies.

My friend & coworker Clint presented me with a huge bag full of these delicious beauties and they lasted all of, oh, a few hours at our house. A few flavorful, delightful hours.



katie said...

what beauties!

Jamie said...

That is quite a lovely picture! I would seriously hang it in my kitchen, I hope you are planning to!

Joelle said...

That photo leaves me craving cherries! Where did Clint get them?