Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Golf Carts Not Hand Carts

To celebrate Utah's favorite holiday, Pioneer Day on July 24, Teri, Mark, Zach and I hit the links in the early morning hours--emphasis on the early, our tee time was 7:40 a.m. On our day off. We enjoyed this day off work at our luxurious home club, Nibley Park. If you've never been to Nibley and plan to play there some day, you will need to know the dress code: cut-off denim shorts, sleeveless t-shirts and hopefully a cigarette dangling from your mouth. It's quite high-brow.

"See, Teri, that guy's mullet and midriff-bearing football jersey is exactly what
Phil Mickelson wore in the last tournament."

We played nine holes and had a wonderful time. A scout for the LPGA was there, saw Teri and me, and signed us up immediately to join the tour. OK, that didn't happen. But it totally could have because we really are that good. I even managed to play to the 1st-8th holes using the same ball. That's never happened to me before and I am very proud of myself.

Teri and I had so much fun playing together we even hit our tee shots
to almost the exact same spot.

Mark is demonstrating his golf attire modeling skills.

It was probably the most fun I've ever had playing golf and we made sure to refuel with a delicious breakfast at the clubhouse afterwards.

Our foursome after playing nine holes.

I find the fact that we spent part of this important day trekking over hills, through valleys and across streams in a cart without air conditioning the perfect way to salute our pioneer ancestors.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Can't wait to see you and Teri on the next LPGA tour.

Teri and Mark said...

Well put, my friend! What a great post!

And for the definition of "cop out", please see www.teriandmark.blogspot.com

Hope you don't mind!! :)

Marcae said...

I'm definitely in the market for some lessons. Golf just isn't any fun when you can't hit the ball...maybe I'll just stick to being a caddy.

katie said...

You have so many talents that I am unaware of. Golfing just made the list.

TTT said...

are those just our photo-shopped morp pictures?