Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night I was emotional as I watched the country's first African American man voted president of the United States in a groundbreaking election that once saw legitimate presidential candidates include a woman and a Mormon. I was inspired by President-elect Obama's message to the country he will now lead and excited to see the changes ahead. I am thankful that my son will know that he can be anything he wants to work hard enough to be--proven by a minority man raised by a poor, single mother who was able to reach the highest office in the world, thanks to hard work, an emphasis on education and a lot of hope. I was also teary-eyed listening to John McCain's passionate and eloquent speech and hopeful that his words will help heal the ugly divisiveness that has stricken this country.

Although I personally believe that Americans still have a long way to go towards treating our fellow citizens equally and respecting each others' differences, it's clear we've made a lot of progress.

Here's to making even more.



Amanda said...

I was also teary eyed watching speeches. Did you see Oprah leaning on that random stranger?

katie said...