Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday Lovely: Mad Men Wardrobe

I have a huge crush on the person who designs the wardrobe for one of my favorite shows on television, Mad Men. I am completely behind on watching the episodes; I think I have half a dozen stored on my DVR, but am looking forward to catching up so I can ogle the gorgeous clothing the characters wear (along with the dreamy John Hamm).

The show takes place at a Madison Avenue ad agency in the early 1960s where everyone shows up in their finest suits and tailored dresses sporting perfectly coiffed hair every day. Not to mention that these people often host dinner parties where everyone is glammed out in their appropriate party clothes. And although I am glad to see that the sexism, in-office smoking and rampant workplace adultery are things of the past I can't help but be a little sad that it's now completely acceptable for me to work at an agency wearing baggy maternity jeans and an ill-fitting sweater.



katie said...

Never even heard of this show. Oh how I wish I had a clear picture on the tv, and dvr.

Amanda said...

I can't imagine you not looking cute at work. I don't think anyone feels cute when they are pregnant though.