Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pumpkin Party 2008

Last week, Z & I hosted our good friends Mark, Teri and Mr. Lewis for a pumpkin carving extravaganza. It was kind of a last-minute affair so we were sans actual pumpkin carving utensils but found that steak knives and dry erase markers worked just fine. And no trips to the hospital were required, which was a very real fear for most of the night as we poked, prodded and cut to create our jack-o-lantern works of art.

We also enjoyed some delicious Navajo Tacos, courtesy of Z Pizzeria's pizza dough, and Teri's perfect apple cider.

When I wasn't getting caught smuggling a pumpkin under my shirt, I put our bushel of apples (imported from my parents' tree in Price) to good use and made Martha's baked apples with Mexican chocolate.

It was a fun and festive night, but Parker was not impressed.



Teri and Mark said...

What a wonderful evening. And you documented it so well. Thanks for having us over!!

Amanda said...

looks like fun! I love that you improvised with steak knives and dry erase markers. You look so cute!!