Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Sleepover, Socks! and a Shower

Last weekend (Not the most-recent one, but the one before that. Yes, I'm behind on blogging.) was one of my busiest, but most fun, to-date.

It all started out with a Friday night college roomie sleepover/baby shower at a cute condo on Park City's Main Street.

Jamie, Katie, Marcae and I all went out for dinner.

Then, we walked up Main Street to check into our condo. In addition to the charming sites on Park City's quaint little street, this sexy ensemble was spotted.

Christmas shopping for Zach? Done and done. Just what every man needs--fur bikini underwear. [Editor's note: Not sure why this mannequin has a purse instead of a head/upper torso. Park City can be a weird place.]

I wore my lovely tiara and Mom-to-Be banner. From a distance, I looked like a really bloated beauty queen (or perhaps one who was just a little too friendly with the judges, if you know what I mean), if I do say so myself.

Saturday morning we headed back home where we were all tired after staying up until 5 in the morning. Marcae even pulled one of her famous all nighters, except she really did stay up all night instead of falling asleep at 9:45 (good job, Marc!). We made sure that Mirando met his sugar quotient for the next 20 years, thanks to our lovely snack assortment. It was a perfect evening, thanks, roomies!

Fortunately everyone was able to wake themselves up for Saturday night's world-famous Stoked on Socks Sock Hop at Z Pizzeria. Katie and Mitch organized a fantastic event and we had at least three times the turnout we had planned. It was a great night and by the end of the evening more than 900 pairs of socks had been donated to the homeless!

(L): Finn is already a hit with the ladies. (R): Sweet dance moves were enjoyed by all.

(L): Socks! (R): Jamie & family.

(L): Susan & baby Bodhi; (M): Finn is testing out the socks. (R): The Rosenvalls

Thanks, Katie & Mitch for organizing such a fun night (and for setting such a great example for all of us).
There will be lots of warm toes thanks to you!

The following Sunday was busy as well; Zach's family hosted an amazing baby shower celebration. Everyone was so generous and thoughtful and gave us incredible baby gifts which have officially taken over our dining room. And, it's official: Our baby is probably going to be one of the best-dressed kiddos around, as evidenced by his wardrobe-staple onesie given to us by Zach's sister Amie.

Like father, like son.



IdlyYours said...

Now that's some underwear a Maverick could wear!

Zach will make a great father (figure). Like Jesus to his child.

katie said...

I am loving the matching attire.
Busiest, best, weekend ever!

Marcae said...

I must say that Zach is one lucky guy to have that sexy little number...ooh la la!