Friday, April 11, 2008

Flashback Friday: Swiss Miss, Miss and Mr.

Enjoy this little snapshot I had on my computer, of my fabulous client who lives in Norway but is from Sweden and speaks English, Norwegian, Swedish, French and Italian; me, who is from Price but lives in the far-away and exotic land of Salt Lake City and speaks English, British, Australian, Canadian (in some parts) and South African; and Greg, patron saint of California airports, who is from France but lives in NYC and speaks English and French and probably lots of other things, too because that's just how those Europeans are.

This is the three of us in May in Geneva, Switzerland when we were all there for meetings. We had a great time during the trip, going to lots of dinners and out for drinks. There was usually a group of about 10-20 of us and I was the only American every time. It was wonderful, even with feeling like the least refined person there among all of the incredibly smart, successful, educated and well-traveled people. I'm sure that they, too, were impressed with me and the sophisticated way I held my beer cozy.


Diania said...

I'm bored with this. :)

Sarah said...

I honestly can not imagine leaving the country. I get nervous driving in Utah County, can you picture me in Switzerland?

katie said...

So freak'n funny!
I knew you were talented, but had no idea that you spoke all those different languages. I too speak Australian! I discovered this talent when Australian's (Torah & her family) lived in our basement and without noticing I started to sound like them. They probably thought I was making fun of them...but I wasn't.

katie said...

Good day mate!