Monday, April 7, 2008

Maybe it's not half-full, but at least I didn't spill it

As days of the week go, Mondays are not my favorite. Consider that today Zach has a wicked fever, my beloved Ford Explorer is quickly taking a turn for the worse and it’s rainy and dreary, this Monday in particular is not the best way to start a new week.

However, I know I have it pretty easy compared to many people out there. So in the spirit of looking at my glass half-full, here’s a list of the things I’ll be happy to do this coming week:

- Spend time with Marcae and Katie

- Get to see Abby and have neighborhood game night, just like old times

- Paint our baseboards [Editor’s Note: I’m not excited or happy to do this, I’ll just be happy to get it over with. Glass half-full, remember?]

- Take my old clothes to DI—hello, extra closet space!

- Take my shoes to be re-heeled (How in the world am I so hard on them?)

- Be grateful that someone turned in my purse and ALL ITS CONTENTS—including my debit card, American Express, driver’s license, cash and prescription eyeglasses—to the security desk in WENDOVER when we were there this weekend to enjoy the fabulous comedic stylings of Bill Cosby. Thank you, honest citizen! I’m sending loads of good karma your way. And maybe a box of Jell-O.

- Hope that my flooded office is quickly repaired so that I can move back to my old digs and out of our glass-walled conference room. Sewer line breaks really get in the way of productivity. And privacy.

What remains of my water-damaged office. In need of sheet rock and new carpet.


Diania said...

Your poo-fice is very sad without you. We had McDonalds this morning, that could have been something to look forward to, if you didn't ditch work.

Tyler said...

Miranda, Matt and I are so jealous that you heard Bill Cosby live. He came to Charlottesville 2 years ago but we couldn't afford the $300 tickets. It's a tiny theater so they can charge whatever they want. How was it? Oh and why do honest people find your purse but every dishonest person in the state of Utah has found mine. Hmmm, maybe that's a personal problem... :)

katie said...

Thanks for the fun!
Next time I think the pedicures will happen, especially with appointments.